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I got asked to prom last night😍 my wonderful boyfriend Steven always surprises me❤️ I love you so much💋 #

I love this

That’s really true
In life u need one thing to survive: The ability to realize shit happens. U step in it. Accept it, get over it and keep moving !!!!!!!!!!!!  (Taken with Instagram at Terrell)
Me and my cuz at here houze  (Taken with Instagram at Terrell TX)
My lil bro new hat a domo he trying to look cool with it when we go out some where  (Taken with Instagram at Terrell TX)
Me and my new yolo shirt that mean you only live once lol (Taken with Instagram at Terrell TX)
I’m  so bored I just took pic of me lol (Taken with Instagram at Mesquite, Tx.)
Clearwater Florida  (Taken with Instagram)
Clearwater Florida  (Taken with Instagram)
Road trip (Taken with Instagram)